We get cards and letters from people who have questions about Frosty’s Family and snowpeople in general.  A few people even ask us about slush and freezing rain.  We’ve tried to answer all relevant questions, but if you don’t find an answer to your question here, please write to us at frostysfamily@earthlink.net.  We promise to respond to you in a timely fashion, unless it’s snowing and we’re outside skiing!

Q:  Why should I buy Frosty’s Family?

A:   Because at present you don’t have a book dedicated to snowy creatures.  And what better place to start than Frosty’s Family?

Q:   Why do snowmen have carrots for noses?

A:   Because if they had onion noses, they wouldn’t be able to smell anything else!

Q:  Is Frosty’s Family an all-American book?

A:  Yes!  Frosty’s Family was written, drawn, and printed in America!


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